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Question:  What is Dogal?  I have never heard of these strings?

Answer:  Since 1950, "Dogal Corde Armoniche", in homage to the city of Venice, has been handcrafting strings in the heart of Venice, Italy.  Dogal has been popular with players in Europe for decades, and is now expanding to the US market.

Question:  With all of the products on the market, what makes Dogal special?

Answer:  There are two major differences between Dogal strings and other brands.   First and foremost, they are 100 percent Italian designed, Italian made, and hand packaged at the source.   Tolerances are completely controlled accross the entire length of the string.  This means a more uniform feel and a balanced tone.  

Second, the materials used to make Dogal strings are the best in the world.  Using the finest materials means that Dogal strings can produce the same amount of tone, with a lower tension.  This means less stress on your precious instrument.

Question:  Some manufactures only offer one tension of string.  Why does Dogal make several?
Answer:    Saying that one tension of string suits every instrument is much like saying "one size fits all".   Although Dogal's medium tension strings are designed to suit the large majority of players, we like giving our customers options to explore.

Question:  Why should I chose Dogal Strings?
Answer:  Three main reasons.  The finest quality handcrafted products, exceptional materials, and superior customer service.  Welcome to the Dogal family!

Question:  Can I still buy on-line if I don't have a PayPal account?
Answer:  Yes. When you get to the PayPal login page, in the lower left corner there is the option to pay via a credit card with no PayPal account required.

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