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Cello Strings

For nearly 60 years, Dogal has been crafting fine strings to meet the demands of players all over the world.   Dogal strings are passionately handmade from the finest materials by true artisans in the heart of Venice, Italy.
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Montagnana Professional Cello Strings

The innovation of these strings consists in the use of a multifilament core with harmonic steel at 100%. We can use this special multifilament only because, still today, we manufacture our strings by hand. Our strings do perfectly fit both antique and modern instruments keeping a great sonority and a quality of sound smooth and clean.Balanced tension along all the strings.The use of first quality materials, handmade production, smoothness to the touch, sweet sound and perfect fifths are the caracteristics of these Dogal strings.

Montagnana Tungsten-Silver SOLOIST is for the demanding professional needing the broadest range of tonal colors and harmonic brilliance.  Dogal's special handmade process allows them to use the purest grade of silver, unmatched by any other string manufacturer.  The SOLOIST version is availble in MEDIUM tension.

Montagnana Tungsten-Silver Classic combines the best of both worlds.   Closely matching the rich tonal spectrum of the SOLOIST, it comes in LIGHT, MEDIUM, and FORTE tensions.

Montagnana Tungsten-Chrome Standard offers a powerful choice for the demanding player.  Also available in LIGHT, MEDIUM, and FORTE tensions.

Since all Montagnana cello offerings can be mixed and matched seemlessly, the combinations available to the player are almost endless.  Your perfect string combination now has a name.  Montagnana by Dogal.

C String Options G String Options
C  (Soloist)
Soloist $102.95
G  (Soloist)
Soloist $94.50
C  (Classic)
Light-Med-Forte $91.95
G  (Classic)
Light-Med-Forte $85.95
C  (Standard)
Light-Med-Forte $80.95
G  (Standard)
Light-Med-Forte $69.95
D String Options A String Options
D  (Soloist)

Soloist $40.95

Goffriller cello strings image  

*NEW* Goffriller Cello Set - Full Size Set

The Goffriller Cello string set has been developed to fulfil the needs of cellists at a professional level, yet still be afforadable for advanced students.   Players at this level demand pure tonal quality and long sustain, together with flexibility under the fingertips.   These strings meet their requirements.

Goffriller cello strings work well on both antique and contemporary instruments, offering up a rich warm sound with great volume and above all, a harmonious and essentially clean tone.

                     * * * Available in Forte tension by request.

*Lower Price*
Set $105.95 ea.

Blue Label cello strings image  

Blue Label Cello Set - Full Size Set

The Blue Label Cello string set offers a rich palette of sounds with soprano shadings and distinct contours.   These are our concert series of steel strings made with a steel core and premium materials.

                     * * * Available in Forte tension by request.

Set $87.95 ea.
On Order

Red Label cello strings image  

Red Label Cello Set - Full to 1/10 Size Set

The Red Label Cello string set features a laminated chrome alloy with a steel core.   They have a bold sound.   They are particularly recommended for less sonorous instruments and new instruments.

                     * * * Select Fractional Sizes In Pull-down Menu.

Set $67.95 ea.

Green Label cello strings image  

Green Label Cello Set - Full to 1/10 Size Set

The Green Label Cello string set features a laminated brass alloy.   These strings are very stable and stay in tune.   These are perfect student level strings.

                     * * * Select Fractional Sizes In Pull-down Menu.

Set $55.95 ea.

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