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Carmine Miranda
Cellist - Solo Recording Artist

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Some Great News For Cellists! - Montagnana Cello Strings

No two cellos respond the same.  Recognizing this, Dogal has expanded its Montagnana line of professional cello strings to meet the needs of cellists, matching the unique response of each instrument to the perfect string.   Montagnana for cello is available in three variations.

Montagnana Tungsten-Silver SOLOIST is for the demanding professional needing the broadest range of tonal colors and harmonic brilliance.  Dogal's special handmade process allows them to use the purest grade of silver, unmatched by any other string manufacturer.  The SOLOIST version is availble in MEDIUM tension.

Montagnana Tungsten-Silver Classic combines the best of both worlds.   Closely matching the rich tonal spectrum of the SOLOIST, it comes in LIGHT, MEDIUM, and FORTE tensions.

Montagnana Tungsten-Chrome Standard offers a powerful choice for the demanding player.  Also available in LIGHT, MEDIUM, and FORTE tensions.

Since all Montagnana cello offerings can be mixed and matched seemlessly, the combinations available to the player are almost endless.  Your perfect string combination now has a name.  Montagnana by Dogal.

Violin And Cello Strings By Dogal

Dogal has been crafting the finest violin and cello strings for nearly 60 years with a loyal following in Europe for decades.   DogalUSA proudly brings Dogal Orchestral Strings to the American market.   Experience violin strings, viola strings, cello strings and contrabass strings handmade in Venice, Italy.   Your Instrument Deserves Italian Strings!

Our violin string offerings include Vivaldi, Marchio Rosso, Marchio Blu, and Marchio Verde.   Our cello string offerings include our exciting new Montagnana and Goffriller lines as well as our original Marchio "Label" cello series string sets.   Our bass string offerings include both our Flexibase and Contrabass lines.   We keep the most popular products in stock, especially our Vivaldi professional violin strings, and our Montagnana professional cello strings.  

From the soloist spotlight, to the orchestra, to the classroom, we have a string to suit your playing style.   We offer old fashioned handmade quality from the heart of Venice, dedicated service, online purchasing, and fast shipping.
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